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Which Plant Would You Jack Off To?

Here are some sexy eligible side plants, for all you single or polyamorous fellows out there. If you are the cuffing type, however, here are some house plants. These plants are so sexy they would make you want to water them…


Spring Trends, Light Colors Heavy Treason

****TREND ALERT**** WASHINGTON, DC — This spring there are two new trends sweeping Washington DC: light colors and heavy treason! Everyone on the Hill is getting in on it. Michael Flynn, Jared Kushner and even president Donald Trump have all…


Man Reads Buzzfeed List, Momentarily Understands Life

CEDAR RAPIDS—Daniel “Danderson” Anderson briefly understood his existence after reading a Buzzfeed article called “27 Things Only People Who Are 25 ¾ Will Understand”. The 38-year old Anderson reportedly told both the Daily Ruin and his mother that “number four…