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SATYR - Sportsbra

Satyr Writers Take on Wooden’s Anti Sports Bra Policy

The John Wooden Center has a strict policy stating students must wear shirts over their sports bras. Any student attempting to work out in a sports bra is asked to cover their overly provocative bare abdomen or leave immediately. Last…

Eat Prey Love-Slider

Eat Prey Love

A relatable Valentine’s Day anecdote. May we all unleash the man-eater inside.


Why We Should Elect Another White Male President

I am a feminist. I am a liberal. I do not believe in the gender binary. I do, however, believe that the United States should elect a white male as president in 2016. Breaking through glass ceilings takes time, time…


Meninists Petition to Stop Burning Man

LOS ANGELES— Arguing that Burning Man is a malicious act of misandry, local men’s rights activists have petitioned to stop the festival from taking place. These activists, who refer to themselves as meninists, call the festival a blatant display of…