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Rating this Year’s USAC Candidates

We here at Satyr understand that you have a busy schedule, and that you don’t have the time or concern to understand where your tuition money is going. Instead of wasting your life actually researching candidates, we are here to give…


US Government’s New Year’s Resolutions

The United States federal government had some political hiccups in 2014, but not this year. 2015 is going to be completely different. No more political unrest, it’s all decriminalized weed and cuban cigars from here on out. Here’s how the…

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Students Refuse To Shut Up About Shutdown

LOS ANGELES—Thousands of UCLA students poured into Bruin Plaza on Saturday morning to mistakenly celebrate the imminent reopening of the Government. Chants of “Obamacare rocks” and “fuck those Cal bastards” mingled among the confused sighs of students who joined the…