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kid's korner art (1)

  Illustrated by Jakob Kiebach

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  Illustrated by Colin Tandy


Which Ghost Is The Spookiest?

Halloween is coming and that means we’re gonna be seeing A LOT of ghosts out there. But not all ghosts are created equal. That’s why we’re gonna break down the spookiness level of these ghosts. Oh my god. This ghost…


Greek Life Already Dusting Off Offensive Costumes

WESTWOOD — The seasons are changing and freshman biology majors everywhere are transforming into sexy cats. It’s the Halloween season again and our sources have confirmed that Greek Life is already dusting off their offensive Halloween costumes. “It’s just kind…


Woman Dressed as Exhausted Nurse for Halloween

WESTWOOD – Saturday night, a girl attended a Halloween frat party as a realistically exhausted nurse. “I based my costume after the nurses I see walking around Ronald Reagan,” said party-goer, Daphne Sykes. “They get off their shifts when I’m…


Editor’s Note: An apology to our readers

Satyr Magazine would like to apologize to our readers. As UCLA’s comedy publication, it is on us to push the boundaries of what is considered acceptable or offensive. As this apology from the Daily Bruin Editor shows, we have failed…


The Three Best Places to HORRIFICALLY MURDER Someone at UCLA

These days, it’s seems like we’re constantly being bombarded with stories of violence—our news reports are filled with stories of shootings and terrorism, and not even a few weeks pass before the next tragedy rocks the moral strength of our…