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A Night at Home with UCLA’s Tunnel People

Mr. and Mrs. Robertson are  a lovely family who have invited me into their home. I’ve brought a Trader Joe’s frozen tiramisu and am ready to enter their world. Mrs. Robertson opens the front door for me (which is really…

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James Franco Revealed to be Sony Hacks Mastermind

In a stunning turn of events, distinguished UCLA professor James  Franco has claimed credit for the recent Sony hacks. Satyr Magazine has the exclusive interview: EDITOR’S NOTE: Satyr will not be releasing the interview in full due to threats from…

Snoop jazzin' out to some dope beats.

Interview with Snoop Dogg

Satyr Magazine was fortunate enough to score an exclusive interview with the one and only Snoop Dogg last week. We sat down with rapper, song-writer, and weed aficionado to discuss his upcoming performance at JazzReggae this year! SM: I think I…