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Ways To Succeed At UCLA For Incoming Freshmen

The more bodily fluids you exchange, the better. Take that as you will. Select one fedora to wear outside, and another one to keep lying around just in case. You’ll feel a lot freer and more comfortable. Choose your favorite…

SATYR - Sportsbra

Satyr Writers Take on Wooden’s Anti Sports Bra Policy

The John Wooden Center has a strict policy stating students must wear shirts over their sports bras. Any student attempting to work out in a sports bra is asked to cover their overly provocative bare abdomen or leave immediately. Last…

UCLA Trophies

UCLA Caught Inventing Sports to Increase NCAA Titles

WESTWOOD– UCLA was suspended from the National College Athletic Association this week after it was revealed in an expose by the Daily Bruin that some of their championship titles were actually from sports and activities that UCLA had invented. UCLA…