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Submission: Daily Bruin Should Focus on More Submissions

Controversy has surrounded the Daily Bruin after a certain opinionated submission was published. The article, which suggested a slight redirection of the Afrikan Student Union’s efforts, included paragraphs of insightful statistics and unequivocal truths which absolutely justified everything that was written throughout the…


Sig Ep Not Sure What The Big Deal Is

WESTWOOD- After throwing the controversially themed “Kanye Western” party on Tuesday night, members of UCLA’s Sigma Phi Epsilon chapter have publicly apologized stating that they are “sorry that everyone took it as such a big fuckin’ deal.” “We wanted our…


Our Lord And Savior Kanye West Ascends Into Heaven

DOME OF THE ROCK, JERUSALEM–Witnesses confirmed Tuesday that our Redeemer and Prince of Peace Kanye West ascended into heaven, accompanied by the angel Gabriel and a harsh fanfare of experimental rock-rap music. West rose to the heavens with arms outstretched,…