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Five Minute Chainsmokers Lyric Challenge

I recently lost my AUX cord. As a result I’ve been listening to a lot of radio. And by radio, I really mean “The Chainsmokers.” That’s when I had an idea: the Five Minute Chainsmokers Lyric Challenge.  We gave everyone…


Ways To Succeed At UCLA For Incoming Freshmen

The more bodily fluids you exchange, the better. Take that as you will. Select one fedora to wear outside, and another one to keep lying around just in case. You’ll feel a lot freer and more comfortable. Choose your favorite…


Big Man Looks Adorable Jumping Over Little Puddle

LOS ANGELES— In the midst of Southern California’s biggest rainstorm of the season, local big man Ryan Strand managed to transcend his large appearance by daintily jumping over a moderately sized puddle. Strand, who encountered the puddle at a curb in…