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Do You Love Me?

Do you love me? -Yes -No   Really? -Yes -No   Are you sure? -Yes -No   What if I make this silly face? -Yes -No   Wow, you must really love me. Do you love me on a sad…


QUIZ: Is Bruin Republicans Right for you?

Wondering if Bruin Republicans is the right fit for you? Take this quiz below and find out!  1 — How would you describe yourself? A) White. B) Criminal. 2 — What is your religious affiliation? A) Christian. B) Something else…


QUIZ: Are YOU Racist??

1. It’s Friday night, and you’ve already had your bowl, already had cereal. You spend the rest of the night: A. Staying in with the girls. Painting your nails, freezing your friend’s bra, and gossiping about boys? Where can you…