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Submission: Daily Bruin Should Focus on More Submissions

Controversy has surrounded the Daily Bruin after a certain opinionated submission was published. The article, which suggested a slight redirection of the Afrikan Student Union’s efforts, included paragraphs of insightful statistics and unequivocal truths which absolutely justified everything that was written throughout the…


Man Expects Approval of Black Friend After Watching Selma

BAKERSFIELD, CA–Roger Gordleman laced up his bowling shoes with an extra pep in his step last night. He had some exciting news to share with his adult league teammates at Dale’s Leisure Lanes. “I saw ‘Selma’ over the weekend,”Gordleman said,…


Student Dies Because Of Race

LOS ANGELES—The UCLA student body is in an uproar following the recent death of junior Samuel Freitas. The student’s body was found last Tuesday by joggers near Wilson Plaza. Soon after an investigation into his death, campus police released reports…