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US Reinstates Relations with Cuba

WASHINGTON, DC— After over a decade of conflict, the Obama administration has expressed its desire to reinstate US relations with Cuba, which were severed in 2002 after the release of “Snow Dogs.” “That movie was terrible. Like, really bad,” President…


Sterling Addresses Racist Comments

LOS ANGELES—After TMZ leaked a conversation between Clippers owner Donald Sterling and girlfriend V. Stiviano, in which Sterling reportedly made numerous racist remarks, the old white guy issued a statement addressing the conversation. In the statement, Sterling denied telling Stiviano…


QUIZ: Are YOU Racist??

1. It’s Friday night, and you’ve already had your bowl, already had cereal. You spend the rest of the night: A. Staying in with the girls. Painting your nails, freezing your friend’s bra, and gossiping about boys? Where can you…