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SATYR - Oscar Mix Up

Hillary Clinton Filled With New Hope After Oscars Mix-Up

HOLLYWOOD – Tonight, La La Land was announced the winner of the Oscar for best picture. It was however, not the winner for best picture. Halfway through LaLa Land’s acceptance speech, it was announced that Moonlight had actually won the…


QUIZ: Is Bruin Republicans Right for you?

Wondering if Bruin Republicans is the right fit for you? Take this quiz below and find out!  1 — How would you describe yourself? A) White. B) Criminal. 2 — What is your religious affiliation? A) Christian. B) Something else…


Wanted:Republican Latino Voters

The following is a craigslist ad posted by the Republican Party’s Casting Director. Wanted: Latino Voters Looking for hardworking Latinos who are seeking the Reagan Dream and are willing to support whichever straight white male is chosen as the GOP…