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Roommate Not Awful Enough To Justify Confrontation

LOS ANGELES—Mere weeks from winter break, two roommates confessed they are harboring extreme frustration that their other roommate never acted badly enough to justify a serious talking-to this quarter. Third-year computer science student Amanda Farrell and third-year anthropology student Julia…

RA Roommate

Top Three Ways to Deal with Your Marxist Roommate

We all know that college is a time for experimentation with both bisexuality and political extremism, but nobody wants to get paired up with Marx-reincarnate as their roommate. To find out whether your roommate is harboring socialist sympathies, ask yourself…


My Roommate’s Alarm Schedule

Everyone knows that person whose alarm goes off 20 times a day. Because everyone knows my roommate. After months of rolling my eyes to the cries of her phone, I finally found out exactly what she needs to be reminded…