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Spring Trends, Light Colors Heavy Treason

****TREND ALERT**** WASHINGTON, DC — This spring there are two new trends sweeping Washington DC: light colors and heavy treason! Everyone on the Hill is getting in on it. Michael Flynn, Jared Kushner and even president Donald Trump have all…


Every College Social Group Claims Coke To Be Their Thing

Spring is in the air at UCLA, but allergies aren’t the only reason why students across campus have bloody noses. Whether it be your sorority’s pinning or your hipster-infused paint party, each self-segregated clique thinks they have their own special…

SATYR- Cultural Appropriation

Spring Cultural Appropriation Catalogue

Spring is almost here, and that means new designs are hitting runways all over the world. This season, one edgy new trend is taking the fashion industry by storm–cultural appropriation! Here are some of the hottest pieces to look out…