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Ways To Succeed At UCLA For Incoming Freshmen

The more bodily fluids you exchange, the better. Take that as you will. Select one fedora to wear outside, and another one to keep lying around just in case. You’ll feel a lot freer and more comfortable. Choose your favorite…


Spring Trends, Light Colors Heavy Treason

****TREND ALERT**** WASHINGTON, DC — This spring there are two new trends sweeping Washington DC: light colors and heavy treason! Everyone on the Hill is getting in on it. Michael Flynn, Jared Kushner and even president Donald Trump have all…


Second-Year Moves to Apartment, Becomes Adult

WESTWOOD— Yesterday, second-year undeclared student, Patrick Davnold, officially became an adult after unpacking the last garbage bag from his move out of “the hill” to “the apartments.” Davnold, who actually moved in six weeks ago, originally made the “responsible grown-up”…