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CNN Tweets We Wish Were Satire

With a twitter bio like “It’s our job to #GoThere and tell the most difficult stories. Come with us!” one could only hope for the most riveting, shocking, and hard-hitting stories to be featured on CNN’s page. That being said,…

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UCLA Philosophy Department Hires Jaden Smith

WESTWOOD— UCLA announced earlier today that musician, actor, and intellectual Jaden Smith will be appointed as a philosophy professor. “We are incredibly excited to welcome Jaden to the faculty,” said Gavin Lawrence, the Chair of UCLA’s Philosophy Department. “Jaden represents the…

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@onlychild22: Cain on Twitter

June 23, 4000 BC  So gr8 being the first born son =) #thisismyparadisebitches God watches me run around naked #whataperve #getouttaherejesus @God thanks for all these fruits, just ate that apple one btw @God haha jk :p July 18, 4000…