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Trumpcare Doctors Just Ask What You Think They Should Do

WESTWOOD — Under the replacement of the American Care Act, colloquially known as “Trumpcare”, licensed physicians have been advised to just start asking patients to tell them what medical action to take. The designers of the bill hope that this…


Donald Trump Officially Declares Twitter War

WASHINGTON—In response to months of escalating criticism, President Donald Trump has officially declared Twitter war on 25-year-old Denver resident, Marc Gillis (@ReturnoftheMarc269), becoming the first American president to do so. The declaration was released only minutes after Gillis’ latest tweet…


US Reinstates Relations with Cuba

WASHINGTON, DC— After over a decade of conflict, the Obama administration has expressed its desire to reinstate US relations with Cuba, which were severed in 2002 after the release of “Snow Dogs.” “That movie was terrible. Like, really bad,” President…