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Spotify App Allows Users to Interrupt Songs With Kanye

NEW YORK— Spotify recently announced a new listening feature that allows users to interrupt their current song with one of Kanye West’s. User reactions have been startlingly positive, indicating just how much people enjoy being interrupted by the eloquent rap…


New Year, New Me (But Really, You)

With the recent passing of the old year into the new one, I am reminded of all of the goals I wished to accomplish last year. I did not go the gym, volunteer with the homeless, or even kick my…


Our Lord And Savior Kanye West Ascends Into Heaven

DOME OF THE ROCK, JERUSALEM–Witnesses confirmed Tuesday that our Redeemer and Prince of Peace Kanye West ascended into heaven, accompanied by the angel Gabriel and a harsh fanfare of experimental rock-rap music. West rose to the heavens with arms outstretched,…