The Case for Even MORE Guns


Guns have been in the news a lot lately, and frankly, they should be in the news more.  We always hear about the shootings, and the killings, or perhaps the increasing murder rate in places like inner city Chicago.  Here’s the thing though: guns do more good things than bad.

There are countless bank robberies and convenience store hold-ups that have ended peacefully because of guns.  The tellers, or clerks as the case might be, simply handed over the money, no questions asked.  They didn’t fight, they didn’t protest, they simply avoided conflict.  Like a nation with nuclear arms diplomatizing a nation without, they employed the theory of Singularly Assured Destruction (SAD).  When one party has all the power, the others tend not to fight back for fear of retaliation.  You could say that situation is the very essence of SAD.  Selective statistics actually show that having more guns reduces gun violence, and increases people’s willingness to cooperate in times of danger, such as when one is shoved in their face during an aggravated assault.  

While using SAD is an excellent strategy to fight the war on guns, it isn’t perfect.  During World War II, only one country had nuclear arms, and for the most part we didn’t use them.  But when we did, conditions were catastrophic for the victims.  While it prevented most nuclear scuffles, it didn’t stop all.  That is why the Soviets and Americans of the Cold War got MAD (Mutually Assured Destruction).

In the years since the Cold War, MAD has left us.  I say the only way to continue to protect  our citizens is to get MAD once more.  When more than one party is packing heat, there is more of an incentive for everyone to work together.  Even the little guys and gals can have a seat together at the big negotiation table, and isn’t that what our political climate is missing?   After all, people just want to be heard.  The only way to make sure people are truly heard is to get MAD.  

Finally, let me address this “myth” that automatic assault rifles pose a bigger public safety risk than other firearms.  We’ve already shown that the more guns added to a society, the safer the society gets.  But what if instead of only increasing the number of firearms, we increase the capability?   Simply put, more bullets equals more safety.  Legalizing automatic or “burst mode” machine guns will create the same effect as arming the entire populous, but on an exponential scale. This is the most important theory in the direction we’re headed, and that is BAD (Brutally Assured Destruction).  

We’re moving in the right direction.  There are more BAD schools, BAD drivers, and BAD workplaces than ever before.  It only works, however, if the whole country is BAD together.


Article by Ben Ellerbrock

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