The Weeknd Rushed to Hospital After Reporting Partial Limb Numbness

maxresdefaultLOS ANGELES—Canadian singer, known by his stage name, The Weeknd, was recently rushed to the hospital after complaining that he could not feel his face, legs, or hands.

In 2015, The Weeknd initially released his hit single, “Can’t Feel My Face,” after reporting slight facial numbness, which at the time, he thought was due to the attraction he had for a woman. Shortly after, The Weeknd released the billboard topping songs “Loss of Sensation in My Legs,” and “Having Chest Pains When I’m With You.”

Later that year, The Weeknd released two additional, less successful singles— “Severe Migraines When I’m With You,” and “Shooting Pain in My Arms.”

“When I heard the sequence of songs that The Weeknd released, I knew it was something serious,” remarked neurologist, Jason Herman. “His songs described peripheral neuropathy almost exactly—numbness in the hands, feet, and face along with occasional chest pains.”

Sources close to The Weeknd reported that The Weeknd ended the relationship he had with the woman he was previously seeing.

“A lot of people often mistake pain for love. I guess I learned my lesson,” said The Weeknd.

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