Translation Of A College Student’s Resume

my tablet is still brokenHere’s how to make your summer internship, that your parents helped you get, sound a bit more impressive.


Resume—Revitalizing employee-to-employee work relationships via dynamic communication methods.

Translation—Sending emails to Jessica in Marketing.


Resume—Decoding outdated documentation through the use of cutting-edge technologies.

Translation—Doing mini-crosswords on my work laptop.


Resume—Increasing global company connectivity through unique digital platforms.

Translation—Sending emails to an IT support center in Calcutta because Microsoft Word isn’t working.


Resume—Maintaining an acute awareness of consumer trends, behaviors, and tendencies that may affect day-to-day operations.

Translation—Buying second-hand clothes on eBay.  


Resume—Driving end-to-end strategy and research to edge out industry competitors.

Translation—Reading fantasy football analyses so I can finally beat my friends in this year’s league.


Resume—Forging a positive professional dynamic to spur interaction and innovation.

Translation—Sending more emails to Jessica in Marketing.



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