If Trump Can Do It Why Can’t Kevin Spacey?

BALTIMORE—Kevin Spacey is one of the latest people to fall from grace amid a wave of powerful Hollywood figures accused of sexual assault.  On Monday, Netflix announced that House of Cards, Spacey’s television show, would suspend production until further notice, begging the following question:  If President Trump can sexually assault people and still be the real president, why does Kevin Spacey have to stop being the pretend President?

To understand all that is at play here and find an answer to our question, we had the Daily Ruin analytics team draft up a Venn Diagram.

prezidents venn diagram (1)

Why then is Spacey getting removed from office, while President Trump remains?  They are both predators who have gone after children and adults alike, so they should be tossed out, right?  Maybe it’s because we just changed real presidents a few months ago, and would rather opt for a fake president that can make the us feel like we accomplished the same thing.  We trusted Kevin Spacey, but like Peter Russo in season one of House of Cards, we are all sitting in a garage of our misplaced adoration.  Kevin Spacey just started the engine. And then made it look like a suicide.

On a related note: The Daily Ruin and Satyr officially endorse William Conway for President.


Written by Ben Ellerbrock

Illustrated by Cornelius Robbins

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