Trump University Teaches Business Ethnics Class


SAN DIEGO, CA — Trump University recently settled a court case about the University’s controversial curriculum  and following this the details of the case were released to the public. One class that stood is a course in the  “Business Ethnics” department.

One victim of Trump U stated, “I’m a very moral person and I thought that class was going to be about ethics and how to be a socially responsible business person. But on the first day of the class, the instructor handed me a starter kit that included a pair of Air Jordans and an LL Cool J mix-tape.”

Another Trump U victim remarked, “I was hoping to learn about how, as a future CEO, I could interact and work with the company’s minority shareholders. But, instead, all we studied was how to interact with the company’s…minority shareholders.”

One Trump U dupe provided the Daily Ruin with a copy of the course syllabus. Lecture topics included: “Negotiations: What not to Jew”, “Wetbacks to Greenbacks”, “Muslims and Profit Mohammed”,  and “The N-word: Say it at work?”

One quarry of Trump U even noted how much he liked his professor. “He posted a past final exam problem online and provided us with The Final Solution.”

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