Types of Intolerance from Racial to Lactose

IMG_4980If there is any common theme to current events, it’s that our society is racked by all kinds of intolerant behavior. Here is your definitive list of the types of intolerance that plague our world today.


Racial Intolerance

This is a sensitive issue, not only for those who suffer from it directly, but also for those who blissfully spent the first fifteen years of this millenium pretending that it didn’t really exist.


Religious Intolerance

The perpetrators of this brand of intolerance are pretty much the same as mentioned above, though they’ve always been pretty comfortable voicing this one.


LQBTQIA+ Intolerance

See Westboro Baptist Church, or any lawmaker who seems a bit too staunchly against LGBTQIA+ rights not to be hiding something .


Lactose intolerance

This absolute scourge on our society is wreaking havoc on small intestines everywhere. Black, white, old, young, straight or LGBTQIA, NOBODY IS SAFE. Consuming dairy products, a pillar and cornerstone of the American Way, is being threatened at the hands of millions of years of evolution. I implore you, dear reader, to consider how you can live with yourself for letting this go uncontested for so long. When you sit down to dinner with your children tonight, think about how exactly you’re going to look them in the eye and explain that the basic values and principles of their beloved, dairy-guzzling country are crumbling. This is not acceptable and it cannot become the norm. Thank you.


Illustrated by Jakob Kiebach

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