UCLA Chancellor Backs Plan for Tuition Increases, Paying Mortgage for Villa

LOS ANGELES— Chancellor Gene Block said he endorsed a plan proposed by the University of California to increase tuition by up to 5 percent for the next five years, citing an insufficient salary.

UC said the money will go towards costs like retirement benefits, hiring new faculty, and increasing the number of California undergraduates. The proposed plan follows salary increases by as much as 20 percent for four UC Chancellors in September.

“My salary ($428,480) is basically below the poverty line,” Block said. Look at UC San Francisco’s Chancellor Sam Hawgood, who is making $750,000 a year. The tuition hikes need to go into effect to correct these gross financial disparities.

If UC approves the plan, next year tuition could rise to $12,804—not taking into account room, board and books—and by the 2019-2020 academic year that cost could rise to $15,564.

Block said in the coming years he hopes to purchase a vacation villa in Costa Rica, but if the hikes are not enacted he may be forced to make a down payment on the villa rather than buy it outright.

“Would Hawgood be forced to slum it and pay mortgage on his vacation villa?” Block said. “I think not.”♦

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