UCLA People of The Year 2017


Satyr called Donald Trump last month to tell him he would PROBABLY be UCLA person of the year, but we would need him to do an interview and huge photoshoot. He took a pass. So instead, we’re taking the time to recognize some outstanding people right here in the crown jewel of Westwood. Here are a few remarkable individuals who truly represent what it means to be UCLA material:


-UCLA Parking Enforcement

They are so lovely, and kind. They understand and don’t take it at all personally when you’re parking expires. They must have really well balanced lives to be able to handle situations with such grace. May we all aim to live like UCLA Parking Enforcement.

-Quench Westwood Juice bar Coming Spring 2017

All year, Qwench Juice bar on the corner of Weyburn and Gayley has been saying it will open soon. It never has. But 2017 was a hard year, and pressed juice is good. The UCLA community needed something to look forward to even if it was just just a false hope.

-LiAngelo Ball

He may have never played a game for UCLA, but if it wasn’t for him, what would we talk to Uber drivers about? Liangelo Ball kept UCLA in the news for all of Fall quarter, and nothing prompts casual questions from Uber drivers quite like a twitter feud between the President of the United States and that guy from your school’s dad.

-The 3D Printer in YRL

The 3D printer in YRL is free and you can print ANYTHING. Of course you don’t because that would requiring walking all the way over to YRL, and we can only assume UCLA made it unnecessarily complicated to use. But hey. It’s still a reminder that TECHNICALLY anything is possible.

-The Skirball Fire

It was finals week. It was almost the holidays. But the Skirball Fire felt like it needed to have a fire, and hey, it sure went for it. The Skirball Fire taught us to do what you need to do no matter what other people say or what “final reviews” they have to get to. You do you, unless you’re behind Bruin Alerts. Then you should do something else. 


Article by Sarah Crosthwaite

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