Universities Start #ButHeWasGoodAtSports In Response To #MeToo


LOS ANGELES – Women everywhere have been using the hashtag #MeToo to share their experiences with sexual assault and harassment. Universities everywhere have started using the hashtag  #ButHeWasGoodAtSports to share their own experiences with sexual misconduct.

A spokesperson from the universities stated, “What we really wanted to show with this campaign is that almost every single university has had an experience with sexual assault. We think that’s important for people to know”. The hashtag has shown that Stanford’s experience with Brock Turner, the student who raped an unconscious woman but is also pretty good at swimming, is only the tip of the iceberg.

Most of the #ButHeWasGoodAtSports hashtags have been accompanied by long posts discussing the emotional impact of the incident on the universities. One #ButHeWasGoodAtSports post explained, “It was hard on everyone in the Office of Student Life. We all really had to process that a woman would accuse someone who was so good at sports of rape. It was shocking. Of course, we were all able to come together and push through and not take any action against him”.

Since the universities’ hashtag went viral, they feel like they have been able to provide a more complete picture of sexual assault. Another university representative commented, “Behind every #MeToo post from a college girl is a whole staff of people who had to cover it up because the accused boy was so talented at catching, throwing and/or running”.

Some have been shocked that covering up sexual assault allegations is so widespread among institutions of higher learning. The universities have responded by stating, “Well, it’s not our fault that rapists are good at sports”.

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