USAC President Named Honorary Member of Sig Ep

web.ns_.siegel.JHan_-640x426WESTWOOD – After a picture surfaced of USAC president Danny Siegel making a Blood gang sign, the fraternity Sigma Phi Epsilon has offered him an honorary membership. The fraternity, famed for hosting a tasteful “Kanye Western” party last year, sees Siegel as an obvious addition to their brotherhood.

Sig Ep is having an event on Saturday to honor Danny Siegel’s new place in the brotherhood. The Kardashians, the biggest in names in appropriating black culture, have been invited to speak . It is also rumored that Taylor Swift’s “Shake It Off” will be playing on a loop throughout the night.  Snapchat will be bringing back their Bob Marley filter for this one night only.

Danny Siegel reportedly met with the president of Sig Ep before the fraternity formally extended their invitation into the brotherhood. They met at a high-end coffee shop in a recently gentrified neighborhood downtown. The two could be heard talking about liking Iggy Azaela and crediting Elvis with inventing Rock and Roll.

After Siegel’s initiation into the fraternity, our sources report that he will be placed in charge of brainstorming party themes and Instagram.


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