USAC Representatives Study Abroad In Russia


WESTWOOD— Government ties to Russia persist as reports reveal several USAC members recently studied abroad in Moscow, Russia. According to USAC General Representative Justin Jackson, the trip was taken “only to fulfill GE credits.” However, the information leak has prompted a full investigation of the USAC committee.

These trips directly contradict previous statements, in which Aaron Boudaie said “I was thinking of going to Germany abroad.” USAC committee member Aaron Boudaie has also been recorded saying, “I don’t know if I really want to study abroad.” Both representatives have been heavily criticized for this degree of flip-flopping. With a heavy influx of Russian ties in the US government, UCLA students are saddened to hear that the same behavior has trickled down to their own student government. “I feel cheated. How do we know they’re not being manipulated?” said sophomore Julia Zimring.  The quarter abroad gave an unfair advantage to USAC representatives, many who boosted their numbers amongst Russian transfer students. “It’s like my vote doesn’t matter”, said John Wise, a freshman economics student.

This news also comes as a shock after the new USAC EVP Chloe Pan, was discovered to enrolled in a Russian Literature class his/her sophomore year. “The class is called ‘Russian 120 Literature and Revolution’. How can we trust our government with a DARS like this?” The newly-elected president Arielle Yael Mokhtarzadeh refused to release his/her DARS until a full audit can be run.

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