Westwood Restaurants Ranked By How Much They Are A Hookah Bar




Skylight Gardens

Not at all a hookah bar.

The fake brick and older women drinking Pinot Grigio mean that a hookah would feel super out of place here. Skylight Garden’s food doesn’t taste like flavored sand which supports them not being a hookah bar.  Skylight Gardens does become a little bit more like a hookah bar because it is across from Denny’s. However, They regain those “not a hookah bar” points from the fact that no one has ever done coke in one of their bathrooms. This is very different from a hookah bar.


800 Degrees

Not a hookah bar

Their focus on ingredients and fast turn-around make them very much not a hookah bar. They also offer far too many types of vegetables to be a hookah bar. However, 800 Degrees did not receive the ultimate rating of “not at all a hookah bar” because of the number of high rich people in it at any given time, a population which also frequents hookah bar.



Not Technically a hookah bar

BJ’s offers a wide variety of over priced food which basically all kinda tastes them, a classic hookah bar tradition. BJ’s also loses “not a hookah bar” points for it’s location, between two hookah bars. However, their clientele, mostly extraordinarily white middle aged people, would never be found in an actual hookah bar. Also, BJ’s is far too well lit to be a real hookah bar.



Basically a hookah bar

It’s open 24 hours a day. At 3 AM the Denny’s in Westwood is a combination of eccentric street people and rich white college students. They too offer many different kinds of food, which unlike Skylight Gardens, does all taste like flavored sand. Like hookah bars, Denny’s is also home to large intimidating groups of people who smell like tobacco. Denny’s technically doesn’t offer hookah, making them not officially, but still mostly a hookah bar.


Gypsy Cafe

Literally a hookah Bar

Yes they do have hookah and people at least talking about doing coke a lot. They also have pretty damn good tomato soup and a weirdly large number of people on macbooks. Therefore, while Gypsy Cafe is literally a hookah bar, it is also kinda a Corner Bakery and a Starbucks.


Habibi Cafe

Such A Fucking hookah Bar

This place has a big old white van with their name on it parked outside for no real reason. They also have exclusively red lighting. Sometimes as you walk by a large older man– who looks like he’s been sitting there for 27 years– will mutter something at you about smiling more. Their salad is inexplicably way too damp. This place is a true fucking hookah bar.

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