What Kind of Foot Jewelry Are You?

Choose a Vacation Spot:




feet vac


Choose an Animal:






Pick a Movie:

 A                                              B
hp grad







C                                       D










Choose a Food, Fatass:

A                                                               B

burg food







C                                                                D
foot ropesal







Choose a Lover: 

A                                         B

rr zf








C                                               D












If you got all A’s you are an:


You think that the 2000s were the pinnacle of fashion. You may or may not masturbate to Britney and Justin’s denim date from the 2001 AMA’s. Either that, or you’re eight years old.


If you got A/B’s you are a:

Toe Ring

You are from Nor Cal.


If you got all B’s you are a: 

Barefoot sandal

You’ve envisioned having a beach wedding since you were 10 years old. Now you’re 40 and you wear these to remind yourself of your past, remaining forever hopeful that it’ll all work out in the end. At this rate, you’d opt for any kind of wedding at all. Or just some kind or long-term relationship. Really, you just want to feel loved again.


If you got B/C’s you are an:

Ankle Piercing

You are a subtle emo kid, hiding your true identity from your overbearing soccer mom. Rather than opting for the more obvious eyebrow piercing, you choose this painful spot. Why? Because pain is better than feeling nothing at all.


If you got all C’s:

You Have a Foot Fetish

You clicked on this article to just see photos of feet. Get Help. You Freak.


If you got C/D’s you are an:

Ankle tattoo

Your big got one, so you got one. At Coachella.


If you got all D’s you are:

Always Wears Socks

Feet freak you out because your boyfriend freshman year had a foot fetish and it still haunts you.


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