Poll: Where is Perloff Hall?

Another campus legend? Satyr questioned students across campus to answer one of the university’s greatest quandaries—where is Perloff Hall? What is your take?





“I think it’s pronounced Royce”

— Martha Simmons, Linguistics major








“I’m not falling for any of those orientation myths again!”

— Chris Parsons, Biology major








“Just get back on Sunset, take the 405 south, then jump on the 10 until you hit Figueroa, take the exit and then you’ll see it on the left in about 850 meters”

— Brooklynn Cooper, Theater major








“I’ve never heard of her”

— Austin Reinhardt, Chemistry major








“Does that name have any actual significance or did you just make that up?”

— John Kerry, Political Science Major









“Always right on the edge of your peripheral vision, actively avoiding you”

— Jaymie Parkinnen, Physics Major






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