Which Ghost Is The Spookiest?


Halloween is coming and that means we’re gonna be seeing A LOT of ghosts out there. But not all ghosts are created equal. That’s why we’re gonna break down the spookiness level of these ghosts.

ghost 1

Oh my god. This ghost is not spooky at ALL. 3/10

ghost 2

Same concept as the first ghost. But I don’t like the hollowness behind his eyes. That’s kinda spooky. 5/10

ghost 3

The red circle and terrible quality give this one some authenticity points. But I’m STILL NOT SPOOKED. 4/10

ghost 4

Technically this is just something called a “ghost shark”. But it still makes me uneasy. 6/10

ghost 5

Objectively, this is a pretty spooky ghost. 7/10

ghost 6

These ghosts are the spookiest of all. While they may actually be poorly decorated meringue, they DEFINITELY look like members of a certain hate group that has had far too much power in our government over that last century.  Really that is the spookiest thing of all. 10/10



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