White Feminist Blogger Teaches You How to Be a Woman of Color


WESTWOOD, CA — This morning, prominent blogger and self-proclaimed intersectional feminist Lynne Partridge published her “foolproof plan for interacting with your status as a woman of color.” When asked about what qualified her, as a white woman, to write this piece, Partridge shared, “I attended a postcolonial art symposium last week and only got bored once.”

“Most women of color don’t see how completely disempowered they are in my eyes,” said Partridge about her motivation to write the article. “They just go about their days living as though people like me don’t pity their very existence. They’re just these poor, helpless little creatures that can pull off sarongs and paisley-printed shawls so much better than I can. I just want to tuck them into bed at night and read feminist theory to them until they fall asleep!”

The Daily Ruin caught up with Mira Gupta, a childhood friend of Partridge, who had this to share. “Yeah, Lynne and I were pretty good friends back in the day, but looking back some of the stuff she did was pretty weird. For example, she was always calling me her ‘Coconut-Scented Queen” and trying to tell me how oppressed I am. The one time that I really wanted to talk about a subtly racist encounter that I had, though, she totally dismissed it.”

At press time, Partridge could be seen telling a random darker-skinned passerby that she was “beyond beautiful and there’s definitely nothing wrong with the way you look you’re like different but in a good way I bet you look great in Fenty Beauty products can I interview you for my blog?”


Article by Annika Karody

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