Why We Should Elect Another White Male President

I am a feminist. I am a liberal. I do not believe in the gender binary. I do, however, believe that the United States should elect a white male as president in 2016.

Breaking through glass ceilings takes time, time that the new president won’t have. Also, it’s messy. Who’s going to clean up all the glass? The federal government is broke; they can’t hire someone to do that. D.C. will be covered in shards and that’ll make the streets even more dangerous than normal.

Also, legislators will be more comfortable working with a white man. Clearly, they did not get a ton done when working with a half-white man, so let’s not push their boundaries. If senators have a white guy to work with, even when the debate gets heated, they can always talk about J. Crew, Connecticut, or overpriced roast beef sandwiches.

Another white male president means America won’t have to waste time figuring out if that thing that Fox News correspondent said was racist, sexist, or just stupid. We can all immediately agree it was just stupid and work from there. Analyzing biases isn’t a thing our country has time for, so let’s just ignore them for now. It’s worked pretty well so far, right?

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