Witty Facebook Status “A Real Hit” with Family Back Home

NEW YORK— A recent Facebook post by third-year geography student Josh Scarritt was the talk of the dining table at 476 Oppenheim St. last night.

“We’re just so proud of him all the time,” said Josh’s mom, Linda Scarritt.

Though Linda admits that she generally “doesn’t understand what Josh is talking about half the time,” she always takes the time to support her son while he’s away at school.

Uncle Paul and Aunt Carol, also enjoyed what their favorite nephew had to say.

“Joshy has always been such a comedian,” Carol said. “I remember when he was about nine years old and he was always putting on those comedy routines for his cousins and stuffed animals. You remember that, Paul? Oh, he was just so cute.”

Her anecdotes went on for about 20 more minutes while Daily Ruin reporters nodded politely before excusing themselves to the bathroom.

Despite being well-received by his family, Josh’s update, a carefully crafted piece combining timely events, a UCLA-specific inside joke, and some self-deprecating humor failed to connect with his peers, including the “super hot girl” in his literature discussion who finally added him on Facebook.

“Josh’s status? No, I didn’t see it,” said the girl in question, third-year French student Claudia Perkins. “I think I was out with my boyfriend when it happened, but maybe I’ll check it out later!”

The status currently has 23 likes from various cousins, aunts and uncles, both parents, and the family dog. The comment section is also on fire, with several family members asking how school is going and complaining about the lack of rain.

Rufus, Scarritt’s dog, wrote that Josh’s joke was “ter-ruff-ic!”

Rufus could not be reached for comment.♦


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