Woman Attempts To Tell Friend About Uber Promotion Without Sounding Like Spam

19588717540_778bd4b7c6_oLOS ANGELES—After discovering a new joint promotion between Uber and Facebook that gives users a free Uber ride valued up to $20, 19-year-old Madeline Stanton struggled to alert her friend of the deal while maintaining credibility.

Stanton revealed that she drafted more than 18 separate messages in an attempt to tell friend Lucy Hanforth about the promotion, citing “the great shoe debacle” as a huge learning experience and the reason she discarded phrases like “hey have you heard about…” and “check out this deal!”

The so-called “shoe debacle” refers to a photo of Nike Free 4.0 Flyknit shoes posted by Stanton a week earlier in which Hanforth and 98 other friends were tagged with the caption “hey! Nike has so many shoes on sale with a crayz discount 70% off to the first 1000 people click here https://www.facebook.com/shoesneakertagspam/31321.blogspot.com.”

“Lucy missed that shoe sale because she thought I was a bot, and I won’t be able to live with myself if the same thing happens for this Uber promo. You do know they never have deals for existing riders, right?” Stanton said, adding that she “lives for deals.”

A copy of the message sent to Hanforth is provided below:

Hey Lucy! It’s Madeline. Remember when you told me that secret about yoru mom cheating on your dad? It really is me, Madline. Anyway, theres’ a new Uber promotion and It applies even to existin griders. How cool is that?! enlarged p3nis. I don’t knwo why I (MADELINE) just said that. Anyway thought you might like this promotion because uber is th best. See u around! [sponsored]

Sources close to Hanforth claim that she already knew about the deal and is confused as to why Stanton is “always telling her about this kind of stuff, since she barely even knows her.”
At press time, sources confirmed that “by the way everyone knows Lucy Hanforth’s mom cheats on her dad, so that proves nothing.” ♦

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